Thursday, August 5, 2010

WODs for the week of 8/9/2010

Day 1

3 position snatch 70%
3x3 high hang
3x3 mid thigh
3x3 from the floor

snatch pull 90% 3x3

snatch grip push press from back 65% of 1rm snatch 4x5


21 kb swings
21 sdhp 2pood
800 meter run
15 kb swings 2pood
15 sdhp 2pood
400 meter run
9 kb swings 2pood
9 sdhp 2pood
200 meter run

Day 2

back squat 70% 5x5
front squat 70% 3x5
20 strict pullups
50 toes to bars



185lb power cleans
Ring Dips

For time

Day 3

20 minute amrap

12 clapping pushups
8 med ball cleans
4 hspu

Day 4

3 position clean 70%
High Hang 3x3
Mid Thigh 3x3
From the floor 3x3

clean pulls 90% 3x3

rack jerk from behind the neck 65% of best jerk 2x5

ab wheel 3 x 20

Day 5

Talia's Bday Wod

For Time: 26 of each

Sprint 26 yards w/ med ball
R ARM kb oh squats
L ARM kb oh squats
Kb swings
L ARM kb snatch
R ARM kb snatch
Toes to bar
Sprint 26 yards with med ball

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